lothar krell
mehmet badan
xiao mei

Achala - Enter the secret garden - experience the world as an illusion , a plaything the gods created - on a calm midsummer eve we venture into a garden of tenderness and enchantment.

Amerindia - A journey into the world of indian dreams and storys. Beautiful melodies and Lyrics about indian legends, rebellion and the never ending cry for freedom.

Lothar Krell - digitally re-mastered : the keyboarders both classics now re-released.

Mehmet Badan - A wonderful mixture between pop- and traditional turkish folk. Mehmet's music is Literally crossing borders. (Sorry Tony)

Ragga - holds more octaves than Iceland hot springs. Unusual sounds, but also her percussive and impressive body beats develop into hypnotic hymns/canto??, but still/yet/nevertheless are overwhelming pop songs.

Tülay - pop, dance and lots of soul. This a the mixture out of turkish, afro - american and european music. Tülay creates a completely new synthesis out of language and sound (????), she combines turkish lyrics with western pop.

Xiao Mei - unites ancient chinese music tradition with electronic sounds of today. Music you've never heard like this before.