inside one world
The world has entered an exciting new millennium, and our thoughts are directed to saving, preserving, and enjoying the rich cultures that surround us.

ONE WORLD is searching for these treasures - inside of us, and in all the cultures of our world, in those places where they still exist in an undiluted form - for that is where the impulse to create new and exciting forms comes from.

ONE WORLD stands for world music. World music represents a new consciousness, one that is appropriate for our age.

ONE WORLD is a multifunctional communication forum, it's core theme being music - world music.

ONE WORLD explores world music in all it's aspects. We present artists with a strong identity and cultural background, and demonstrate the wealth of rhythms, songs, sounds, instruments, and myths that their music has to offer. There's an infinite wealth of music to discover - Therein lies the fountain that we wish to tap - all through music. Simultaneously, this outlines our marketing concept for the various elements of our communication-platform : We are not creating artificial subject matter - we draw subjects from the roots of music itself, and the listenerīs interest is awakened and held by the fascinating background of what he is hearing and seeing.. We communicate ideas, not hype.

ONE WORLD's intention is to provide this communication forum to as many artists, labels or other media that deal with world music as possible, at the same time opening wider avenues for the promotion of our own in-house artists. For the realisation of various individual concepts, we have partners who share our vision and the opinion that this communication concept has great market potential, and who are best equipped for the task at hand.


The complete "Disenchantment of the World" (Max Weber) has not taken place. In no way has it been proven that the world is of one empirical dimension. It is this realization that leads us to search for other dimensions and results in a fascination with a music that transports a warmth, a force that crosses borders - one world music.