Partners & friends

Design Box - Grafix and More,
Responsible for cover design and printmedia

gestaltung: jens werland - Graphic Artist,
Responsible for conception, design and programming of our website, by order of 'public art intermedia'

EMI Publishing - Charts Acts News Highlights,
Our publishing is administered by EMI

Horst Hamann - Photographer,
Has travelled around the world for us. Horst, winner of numerous international awards, shot the pics for the Amerindia and Mehmet albums.

Imagine - IMAG!NE MUS!C,
the Benelux record label for SAY COLOUR, DR.ALBAN, MEZZOFORTE, D2M, CUE, and MUSIC OF ONE WORLD

TSI - wavetable-, analog- and virtual analog synthesizers

Shooter - Promotions & Classics GmbH,
concerts, tours, events and artist management

Klaus Holitzka - Artist,
Creator of the Echnaton cover, also paints mandalas, Feng Shui energy pictures, digital on canvas repros. His work has been published worldwide in books and prints.


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