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The Music Of One World - The representative compilation "The music of one world", was published by the Frankfurt based label of the same name in cooperation with GTZ for the world EXPO 2000 in Hannover. It contains 15 of the worldwide most popular tracks of artists from this genre and simultaneously represents twelve exhibiting nations on this world expo. The sampler offers the chance to explore and experience our planet through the medium of music. The solo artists and bands are being portrayed in their own genuine environment. The sampler itself is the intermediator of various transcriptions, sounds, rhythms and beats.
Punjabi Beatz - The Best of Bhangra Volume 1 - India has inspired our fashion, our furniture, our music, our thinkers, our TV-ads, and a whole lot more ! Bhangra delivers the perfect soundtrack to our crazy, multicultural lifestyle. Since Panjabi MCs broad commercial success, avenues have been opened for other Bhangra artists. The album at hand is a good representation of the diversity of Bhangra and the various cross-over styles it has spawned.